Award winning digital agency. We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.
Core Competencies.


A strong foundation for any project is a solid design.  Our creative agents are experienced in designing for print, web, mobile, and other digital mediums.  Clandesdyne takes a strategic approach to every project, working with you along the way to make sure it’s exactly what you require.



Programming is a fast-paced segment of the industry that is constantly changing and improving. We are champions of development in the digital realm and stay ahead of the curve.  Customized code will be developed for your unique needs.  Our expert programmers will push the boundaries of what is possible to breathe life into your project.  Your imagination is our only limitation.



We believe a project is only half completed without professional audio.  Clandesdyne can compose an original piece to capture the raw essence you wish to portray.  Our musicians can deliver the music you need for any marketing, educational, or advertising endeavor.  We can also provide professional voice over talent.



Immersive and compelling, high-impact film and video are a great way to communicate your message internally, or to your customers.  We are professional videographers, animators, special effects artists, and video editors.  Consider us for your next corporate profile, product launch, commercial, marketing piece, tradeshow video, company event, customer testimonial, or location shoot.  Need a new perspective on your video shoot?  We have the capibilities to deliver HD aerial photography and videography.

Featured Services.

Mobile Apps

The increasing prevalence of mobile technology in our society has opened a new and exciting medium for marketing initiatives.  Clandesdyne is at the forefront of this trend.  We have experience creating applications to assist sales efforts, educating customers on products and services, as well as delivering internal messages and training to employees.



Clandesdyne is all about the results.  To increase retention, your educational project must be impactful.  We can design/develop a highly interactive and engaging experience that will leave a lasting impression. Corporate e-learning, pedagogical interactive software, educational videogames, and exciting presentations are just a few ways we can target your audience of any age and relay the required content.



As web technologies evolve, you must adapt to stay relevant.  Our programmers can build your web presence with the latest technologies.  We’re also comfortable integrating social media elements and designing complex server-side architecture.



A great way to draw in an audience is the creation of an eye-catching animation.  We have agents that are experienced pixel artists, procedural 3-D computer generated designers, and traditional cell/illustrative animators.  Your next advertisement will turn heads if you decide to create it with stylized, memorable animation.



One of the most effective methods of engaging your audience is through gaming.  Gamification techniques leverage people's natural desires for competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, and closure.  Consult with us if you’re interested in bringing game thinking and mechanics to bring your project to the next level and get a clear return on investment.



Having a powerful and cohesive identity is integral to leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.  We start by assessing your existing brand to determine how best to achieve the desired outcome.  A customer analysis will allow us to understand how we can appeal to them intellectually and emotionally.  Once we have a complete understanding of your company and customers, our creative agents will develop the overall visual and sensory aesthetic of the brand.

Our Process
Briefunderstanding expectations Strategyaudience research analytics Creativeour design experts collaborate with you Productionclandesdyne developers do their magic Deliveryhighly polished and on time
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