Clandesdyne Facility

Clandesdyne was founded by business minded creatives with a strong penchant for design, gaming, programming, and science.

Our Clandesdyne agents are experts in advertising, video production, game design, animation, development, fine art, and social sciences.

We are a digital agency based in Ohio. We're on the cutting edge of design and development. Clandesdyne agents work in the shadows of the industry, offering incredible talents to ensure your next project is an incredible success.


So, you’re interested in world-class services from Clandesdyne? We’re interested in what you do as well. We have experience working with a broad range of industry-leading companies and international academic/governmental institutions.

Why don’t you reach out to us and say hello. Even if you don’t have a project on your radar, we’d still love to meet you.

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Clandesdyne is an innovative group of professionals.  We’re experts in design, programming, e-learning, gamification, audio, animation, and video production. When you hire Clandesdyne, you can rest assured that we take a personal investment in the success of your project.


We exist because you need our visionary perspective on unique and engaging marketing endeavors.  You must adapt or die in the turbulent sea of ever-changing technologies.  We are constantly researching effective delivery methods for your message.


We use science, creativity, and our super-secret technology to put infinite happiness within your reach. We have expert working knowledge of the latest, industry standard technologies.  Clandesdyne is an amalgamation of onsite professionals and a local network of trusted partners, which give us access to unique talents as well as allow us to scale for any size project.


Clandesdyne has been doing business since 2005, and we get your project done yesterday. Our agents understand your need to get projects done well and within your deadline parameters.  Don’t fret when your timeframes get tight; Clandesdyne will be here to save the day.

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